Paranoid, competitive and fuelled by guns, alcohol and steroids. That is how one senior contractor in Baghdad describes the private security industry operating in the city’s Green Zone. It was the world to which Danny Fitzsimons, a year-old former soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and paranoia, and with an extensive criminal past, returned three weeks ago. Despite rules against alcohol, his ArmorGroup colleagues welcomed him with a drinking session. He faces a premeditated murder charge and execution if found guilty. Mr Fitzsimons’s family is determined to save him and say he was suffering from severe psychiatric problems after a brutal career in the Army and in the security industry. But those on the ground hold little hope. Figures in the industry told The Independent that the shooting could not have come at a worse time. They are already resigned to Mr Fitzsimons’s execution and say that he is a tiny pawn in a huge, expensive and vicious game of chess.

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Ethics, Policies and Civil-Military Relations Andrew Alexandra, Deane-Peter Baker, The model of the private military contractor undermines these historically Based on laws and regulations dating back to the beginning of the twentieth.

Centro studi indipendente di diritto internazionale dei diritti umani e dei conflitti armati – Direttore: Avv. Nicola Canestrini. Conflitti armati. Conflitti interni. Diritto internazionale. Giurisdizioni internazionali. Diritto bellico. La salvaguardia dei diritti dell’uomo durante i conflitti armati e le operazioni militari.

Diritto umanitario nell’Islam. Convenzione delle Nazioni Unite del sui mercenari.

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Please refresh the page and retry. T he ratcheting up of middle-eastern tensions has provided a fillip for one of the oldest trades in the world. Just don’t mention mercenaries. Those who advise on and provide private security for companies operating in the Middle East might not be rubbing their hands but the threat of World War III, however distant, is a new fillip for a business that is now forecast to boom once more.

CONTRACTOR LIFE: Private Military Contractors reveal how recent conflicts changed them. Post Date: February 17, | Category: Around the World.

Sometimes thought of as the invisible army , private military and security companies PMSCs are part of a global, multi-billion dollar industry. The United States of America along with many other Western and non-Western nations, has made ample use of this private military resource to enhance its military endeavours and promote U. PMSCs, however, are a problematic industry full of contradictions and inherent issues, including an unclear status under international humanitarian law, a poor human rights record, and the fact that they profit off wars.

Despite that, recent administrations, specifically under President Barack Obama, continued to make PMSCs part and parcel of their military efforts abroad. In the course of this paper, I will argue that the U. This paper is structured in four distinct sections. Section I provides a working definition of key terms and describes some of the events and mechanisms that allowed PMSCs to become a modern and thriving global industry. Lastly, Section IV deals with some of the possible explanations as per why President Obama continued to utilise PMSCs despite the scandals and issues that became apparent in the first few years of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Private. Forces. Domestic,. International. and. Transnational. Regulatory conflict landscape, with reports of private guns-for-hire dating back to ancient Egypt services, including logistical support, reconstruction, and security contractors.

Iraqi soldiers train by foreign contractors in the Besmaya military base in southern Baghdad. The debate on privatizing the war in Afghanistan is heating up yet again, with Democratic lawmakers pledging to end so-called ” forever wars. In , one in four United States armed personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan was a private contractor. This means that the war is already being outsourced, yet scholars, the media, and the general public know almost nothing about it. Because contractors operate in the shadows, without effective public oversight, they allow policymakers to have their cake and eat it too—by appearing to withdraw, while keeping proxy forces in theater.

Who are the contractors who actually execute American policy? Are they equipped to succeed in this important task? What risks is the U. The simple truth is that there is little reliable data about this industry. Without this data, scholars cannot ask even the most basic questions of whether using contractors works better than the alternative, namely military personnel or local forces—or, indeed, whether it works at all.

We are researchers who study the privatization of security and its implications.

Mercenary business: Middle East tension sparks boom for UK-led private security

Uniforms from different branches and different countries worn in different ways; government employees and contractors abound. Despite what your mom told you, you can make some pretty good guesses about a person by what they wear and how they carry themselves, at least in these parts. Your uniform or civilian attire is how you outwardly project your place in the pecking order, and this is a culture where status and tribal affiliation is particularly prized.

Defense contractors perform a wide variety of functions for our military overseas. Back in the day, Blackwater was the most in famous employer of these guys.

Their influence will only increase because private sector firms are now able to. distinguish between private security contractors and private.

By Lloyd’s count, he has spent some 1, days working in Afghanistan in the past four years. He, like many other well-trained military men, decided to leave his position as a Navy SEAL and take his chances finding employment in one of the hot spots around the world where highly skilled contractors were well-paid, and in demand. Very few people outside the contracting industry really understood just what a private security contractor did before March 31, That was the day four American security contractors accompanying a shipment of kitchen equipment through Iraq were ambushed, killed, set on fire, dragged through the streets, and hung from a bridge before a cheering crowd in the city of Fallujah.

As shock subsided, questions arose. Who were these American men? If they weren’t members of the military, what were they doing in one of the most volatile regions of Iraq? All four men were private security contractors working for a company called Blackwater.

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Their influence will only increase because private sector firms are now able to. The current conflict in Darfur is the result of regional rifts within Sudan dating. Remember that contractor personnel are not government employees. Gary is a contractor who, according to our sources, has done work. Dating a private military contractor.

Organized bodies of mercenaries date back to at least the 1 4 ‘ ~ century, when condottieri –translated literally as “military contractors” — were commonly hired.

I’m looking for some advice on how to go about this unusual situation I’ve found myself in. I’m questioning the man I’ve been dating as he says he is a contractor for the military. He does maritime security as well as gets deployed to the middle east aND other areas. His deployment ranges from 4 days to a month each time and he has about 3 weeks in between contracts. He’s ultimately signed up for a 10 year contract as he’s explained this would be the way life would be for the next 7 years he has 3 in already.

I’m just wondering how accurate all of this is and if it’s actually real. We live about 9 hours apart so it’s a little difficult to be certain on some things. He can’t talk about anything and gives me so little to go on.

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